School- Tom Wayman

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School- More Than Just Learning

In the poem, Students, by Tom Wayman, different theories of education are portrayed. Each different theory perceives different angles taken at the learning process. The Vaccination Theory of Education (line 12) describes a student that once they complete a course, they never look at the material again. Student who fall under this category often forget everything that they ever learnt. This could be very problematic when it comes to final exams, diploma exams as well as future courses that require some previous knowledge. The second type of theory mentioned in the poem was The Dipstick Theory of Education (line 17). The students that fall into this category believe getting by the minimum standard of 50% is acceptable. These students have nothing to strive or aim for. Achieving the mere passing grade is deemed acceptable among these students. If one sets such a low goal for themselves, the risk of failing or not achieving the set goals drastically decreases, allowing the student to be less disappointed. Colleges and universities don’t accept standards like this, which can be slightly problematic to these individuals. The third theory, made up by Tom Wayman himself, is called The Kung-fu Theory of Education (line 25), which can be seen as self-defense. Instead of just learning one simple concept, the student takes it a step further and is always looking for new techniques that can assist them in the long run. The author believes learning is more than just literature and textbooks, but applying these situations to real life. The final theory, The Easy Listening Theory of Education (line 32) refers to multitasking. The female he used in his poem had her earphones in without a worry in the world. Although she said she was paying attention, only her marks will tell if she was truly multitasking. The main message Tom Wayman is trying to perceive is that school is much more than just marks, its education and learning itself. I

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