School Ties

Topics: Judaism, Israel, Jews Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: May 6, 2013
School ties Essay

David green is a football all-star that got accepted into an anti-Semitic prep school, the only problem…. he was a Jew. David Green should not have to expose his cultural and religious beliefs to his fellow students. The first claim that I will use to justify my case is if he had told “the boys” they would have treated him differently. Furthermore, if he told them it would affect his chances of keeping his football scholarship. Lastly, even if Green had told the boys earlier, it would not alter the way he was treated because when “the boys” found out David was indeed a Jew he was still insulted and disrespected. Based on all these 3 valid arguments I can confidently state that he should not tell the boys that he was Jewish.

Green would have been treated differently this is clearly demonstrated on multiple occasions that took place throughout this film. The first point to justify the claim is the scene where they are singing “ The Smokey song” and David’s roommate comments “I jewed him down to 30”. Furthermore, in the shower scene Mcgoo quotes “ I wouldn’t go to Harvard if you paid me with all those Jews”. Considering these 2 events it is evidently shown that “the boys” strongly dislike Jewish people and if Green had told “the boys” he was a Jew his stay at St.Matts would defiantly change for the worse. By the same token, another example that marvelously validates my point is Sally. In the beginning of the film Sally is very fond of David and seems to have no problem having a physical and emotional relationship with him. However, when Sally finds out that David is a Jew all of that comes to an abrupt stop. Sally had instantly eluded Green and quoted “ You have no idea what you put me through” also “You didn’t tell me the most important thing. Sally could not be with David for one reason, his religion. Based on this Green should not have to tell his fellow classmates of his religion because had he told he would clearly not have been...
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