School Should Start Later Essay

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School Should Not Start Early
I don’t like to stay at school any longer than they have to. They don’t want to be there longer in the day either. That is why schools should not start earlier in the day. School should start at the same time as usual and end at the same time as usual. If we did start school later then students would have less time to get homework done, students who are involved in after school activities wouldn’t get home until a later time as well. Students with jobs would also have a hard time getting schoolwork done if school started later.
Students with lots of homework and after school activities would have a hard time getting homework done and other school related things done. For example, football practices tend to have long practices and if we didn’t get out until 4:25, the football players wouldn’t get home until seven, seven-thirty. Other students may have theater practices and it’s hard to get schoolwork done if you are on stage. Kids are going to be involved in sports and other activities and if school lets out at a later time, there won’t be much time to get school activities and outside of school activities done. If we have tests to study for and a lot of homework that is due, it...

Schools should stay the same time as it is now instead of having it change to an hour later. We do not get enough time in the day to do things, even if it is an hour’s difference, it still makes a big difference in their performance and their behaviors. Kids in high school have a lot of work and it makes it hard to get it done when there is a lot of work to get done. Not only that, but it takes up their free time to go have fun and to do what they want without having to worry about school. Kids and especially teens should have time to themselves and to not have to worry about projects, homework, or other activities. School should stay the same instead of having it start and hour...
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