Should School Start Later

Topics: High school, Sleep, Sleep deprivation, Adolescence, Education, Sleep disorder / Pages: 3 (519 words) / Published: Feb 16th, 2016
Did you know 75 percent of kids are not getting enough sleep because of school starting early? School should start later in the day so kids can get their sleep. There are many bad and good result for schools that open early or late in the morning such as, teens have a greater chance of having anxiety and illnesses. Teens need at least 8.5 hours of sleep, and test scores are better. There are a lot at risk for teens because of school opening early.

To begin with, teens have a greater chance of illnesses and anxiety. Teens can have a lot of school work and have after school activities. This can lead up to staying up late so they can finish a project or homework that is due the next day. They can feel rushed and worried and can not do good on their homework. Too much anxiety could lead up to being sick. Since that they stay up late to do their homework, they won't get enough sleep. This can also lead to illnesses. Illnesses can prevent them from going to school.
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Teens need have more rest so they can feel energetic the next day. They would feel refreshed and ready to go. This could be hard to do because of homework, after school-jobs, extracurricular activities keeps teen up late.(20) They would need to keep a good schedule. This can teach teens to be organized and would have a better time sleeping at

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