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Topics: Food chain, Fish, Apex predator Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: October 26, 2014
On the diagram below, what percentage of energy (from the choices in blue on the left) is transferred from a producer to a: (A) secondary consumer, (B) tertiary consumer, (C) quaternary consumer?

A)1.0% B)0.1% C).01%

Look at the quote from Rachel Carson on the first page. What do you think the quote means? Use some of the terms we have covered regarding the topic of food webs in your one to two paragraph explanation.

"All the life of the planet is inter-related...
each species has its own ties to others, and
...all are related to the earth."

I think the quote means that there are so many ecosystems on Earth and they are all tied together. All species on Earth are part of a food change and each one has a tie to another species and they all contribute and relate to the Earth. There are food chains in every part of the Earth.

Why is it beneficial that many predatory fish have larval and juvenile stages that feed at a low trophic level, while the adults feed at a tertiary or quaternary trophic level?

It is beneficial because they don't have to compete for the same foods. Adults and juvenile predatory fish are separated so the juvenile fish don't intrude which allows juveniles to survive to the adult stage.

Not all adults feed at a high trophic level. Whale sharks (50 ft) are the largest fish and feed on plankton and small fish, while Great White sharks (20 ft) are the largest carnivorous fish and feed on sea lions, seals and large fish. Blue whales (100 ft) are the largest whale and feed primarily on plankton and krill, while the Sperm whale (45 ft) is the largest carnivorous whale feeding on fish and very large squid. (a) How does the location of each animal's position in relation to the producers contribute to their size? Be sure to look at the food chain and the amount of energy that is being transferred between the levels.

They access a greater amount of energy because

(b) Why do you suppose the plankton feeders are able to...
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