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Topics: Annelid, Mollusca, Blood Pages: 8 (2058 words) Published: April 25, 2014

1. If a mollusk moves by a broad muscular foot, it is probably a) a bivalveb) a gastropodc) two-shelledd) a cephalopod

2. A herbivorous mollusk scrapes algae from rocks and twigs with its a) radulab) poison glandsc) footd) feathery gills

3. The cephalopod that has lost its shell completely is the
a) octopusb) slugc) cuttlefishd) nautiluse. squid

4. The blood of annelids typically flows
a) only in dorsal vesselsc. only in ventral vessels
b) in a closed circulatory systemd. in an open circulatory system

5. In most mollusks, fertilization
a) is externalc. is internal
b) occurs in hermaphroditesd. produces hermaphrodites

6. Clams and oysters may include high concentrations of viruses, bacteria, and toxic protists because they are a) herbivoresb) carnivoresc) filter feedersd) detritus feeders

7. The many segments of any annelids body
a) contain clitellumc. contain light sensitive cells
b) are all identicald. are separated by septa

8. The host usually does not know a leech is sucking its blood because the leech releases a special substance that a) prevents blood clottingc. anesthetizes the wound
b) acts as symbiotic bacteriad. camouflages the leech

9. Bivalves include each of the following except
a) musselsb) oystersc) clamsd) nautiluses

10. Evidence that mollusks and annelids evolved from a common ancestor is based on the fact that animals of both phyla have a) external shellsb) internal shellsc) trochophore larvaed) a mouth and anus

11. Some cephalopods protect themselves in each of the following ways except by a) moving backward by jet propulsion
b) hiding themselves within the tentacle of cnidarians
c) changing colour to match the surroundings
d) releasing dark, foul-tasting ink

12. The cephalopods are known as the
a) “stomach-foot” mollusksc)“head-foot” mollusks
b) two-shelled mollusksd) coiled-shell mollusks

13. In annelids, metabolic wastes are removed from body fluids in each segment by the a) gillsb) anusc) statocystsd) nephridia

14. Among the gastropods that lack shells completely are the a) octopib) scallopsc) slugsd) pond snails

15. The visceral mass of a mollusk contains the
a) internal organsb) footc) mantled) shells

16. In earthworms, a mixture of soil and detritus is sucked through the mouth and forced into the gut by the a) setaeb) pharynxc) cuticled) crop

17. A closed circulatory system is found in
a) octopi and clamsc) clams and oysters
b) octopi and squidsd) squids and oysters

18. An earthworm becomes thinner when the
a) longitudinal muscles contractc) circular muscles contract b) ring vessels relaxd) mantle cavity relaxes

19. Undigested food leaves the body of a mollusk through the a) ocellib) anusc) nephridiad) statocysts

20. The gastropods are known as the
a) tentacle mollusksc) two-shelled mollusks
b) “head-foot” mollusksd) “stomach-foot” mollusks

21. The classes of the phylum Mollusca are based on the type of a) circulatory systemc) food eaten
b) nerves and musclesd) foot and shell

22. Usually, neither earthworms nor leeches
a) undergo self-fertilizationc) undergo internal fertilization b) are hermaphroditesd) produce both sperm and eggs

23. If a mollusk has eight flexible tentacles and two long, slender arms with suckers at the end, it a) may be squid or cuttlefishd) may be a nautilus
b) may be an octopuse) may be a sea slug
c) may be a sea spider
24. All members of the phylum Annelida
a) live in the seac) live underground
b) are flattened wormsd) are segmented worms

25. Animals that have a coelom lined with mesoderm are called a. acoelomatesc. pseudocoelomates
b. coelomatesd. hydrostatic coelomates

26. Which of the following organisms are considered advanced invertebrates with a true coelom? a. spongesb. hydrasc. flatwormsd. roundwormse. earthworms

27. Which of the...
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