School health & nutrition program in relation to social work

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Relation to Social Work

Abid Mehmood Ansari

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“School Health & Nutrition Program in Relation to Professional Social Work” focuses on how Professional Social Work knowledge is helpful in achieving the goals of the School Health and Nutrition Program and provides a guideline to School Health & Nutrition Supervisors to fulfilling their primary responsibilities. In this humble effort it is much emphasized to elaborate the Social Work Profession and its methodology in terms of its fields of application. On the other hand, School Health & Nutrition Program, its objectives and expected goals are narrated in a very comprehensive manner. This article focuses and would be helpful for readers (especially SH & NS and Students of Social Work) for developing a better understanding regarding SH & NP. Author


This humble effort is dedicated to My Parents whom Prayers and support remains always with me, and to The Department of Social Work, University of the Punjab, Lahore which empowered my Pen and to Dr. Nisar Ahmed Cheema (Director Health, Gujranwala) whom dedication with his job influenced me.

Abbreviations used in this paper are;

SH & NPSchool Health & Nutrition Program
SH & NSSchool Health & Nutrition Supervisor
PHSRPPunjab Health Sector Reforms Program
BCCBehavior Change Communication
LHCLocal Health Committee
BHUBasic Health Unit
RHCRural Health Centre
THQTehsil Headquarter (Hospital)
DHQDistrict Headquarter (Hospital)
FGDsFocused Group Discussions
MCHMother & Child Health

Relation to Social Work

The World Health Assembly in Alma-Ata on 12-09-1978 expressed the need of action to protect and promote the health for all the people of the world. This Health for All declaration recommends protecting and promoting the health of all people of the world by 2000 through Primary Health Care. Unfortunately, most of the countries failed to achieve the targets of “Health for All”. In September 2000, the largest-ever gathering of the heads of States ushered in the New Millennium by 189 countries, was then translated into a roadmap setting out goals to be reached by 2015 (these set goals are called Millennium Development Goals). Because Pakistan is the signatory State of that declaration so government is bound to launch the health related programs for the promotion of health standards. In response of it, the Punjab Government started “Punjab Health Sector Reforms Program”. Under the recommendations of it, numerous reforms were introduced in health department. School Health & Nutrition Program is one of those public interest reforms to promote Primary Health Care in the province. Actually school health is not a totally new concept in health field but it was not paid due heed and importance before, due to which it is not so familiar. To check and monitor school health was one of the duties of the Medical Officer/Doctor (M.O) of the Basic Health Unit (B.H.U.) as the head of health services and provisions in his locality (Union Council). But due to the tight laborious routine of Medical Officer at B.H.U., it could not be given sufficient time and consideration, so it could not be covered successfully.

Millennium Development Goals Directly Related to Health
There are eight millennium development goals, out of those three goals are directly related to health. Those are 1. Reduce child mortality (Goal # 04)
2. Improve maternal health (Goal # 05)
3. Combat HIV/AIDs, malaria and other diseases (Goal # 06)

To achieve the set goals and to launch the declaration of Alma-Ata with some necessary modifications in our country, the Punjab govt. is committed to provide health...

References: 1. Training Manual for School Health & Nutrition Supervisors, published by Punjab Health Sector Reforms Program in collaboration with UNCEF.
2. Dr. Khalid, 2008, Theory and Practice of Social Work, Kifayat Academy, Karachi.
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