School Assembly Presentations

Topics: Eighth grade, Microsoft PowerPoint, Organic farming Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: September 27, 2011
School Assembly Presentations

1. Organized and presented four class assemblies with Grades 5 & 7 around environmental/spiritual themes using songs, chants, circle story telling, drama and poems.

2. Screened a short documentary 'Give Us a Life Please' showing the dangers of toxic waste and other environmental pollution on Indian children's health.

3. Arranged the purchase, introduced and displayed 'Herbotique', a herbal, multi-purpose floor wash and cleaner and the chemical cleaners our school has been using up to this time with a full-explanation of the environmental and health effects of both. Arranged for empty containers to be available at the Tuck Shop so teachers and staff can purchase it by using our bulk order.

4. Arranged and anchored a student-led visual presentation to educate the school body about garbage separation.

5. Organized and presented a four-day 'Climate Change Week' to help inform the entire school body about this global threat and how it is connected to our daily lives. Five sets of six posters especially created for schools by TERI were placed on notice boards around the school including in the staff room. Four extended morning assemblies, each of 45 minutes duration, covered the following:

(Saturday): First clue of 'Climate Change Challenge' Treasure Hunt) was given at the end of the morning assembly. Attention was drawn to the 20 'True or False' statements placed on the walls around the assembly hall and to the posters around the school.

(Monday): Screening of a narrated Power Point Presentation introducing Climate Change and highlighting its cause and effects.

(Tuesday): Screening of a video 'Global Warning' which focused on the possible effects of Climate Change on various regions of India.

(Wednesday): 'Quiz Results Day'. a. Students were asked to raise their hands regarding the truth or falsity of the statements placed around the assembly hall giving reasons for their choices based on...
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