Topics: Scarcity, Water, Hydrology Pages: 3 (1202 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Scarcity is often misinterpreted and not clearly understood, making it vital to realize the factors that make something scarce are limited resources exist, the product is desirable, and has more than one use. A resource with an available amount less than its preferred use is scarce. Throughout our developing world, we are discovering that more of what surrounds us is becoming restricted except with a lack of knowledge as to why or how to prevent it from occurring. As humans, we are continually putting an excessively high demand on limited supplies, making it difficult to maintain access to the supplies we need most. Maybe it is time; people begin to become more aware of what they are using rather than taking it for granted. Humans are known for being wasteful living creatures, but if we realized what we are wasting that may gradually change our mindsets. Due to the lack of quantity of water as well as the ability to access quality water, it can easily be identified as scarce.

It is clear that water is rapidly becoming more of a valuable, but also scarce resource as population and utilization increase. We often hear more about the issues of our economy rather than a crisis that is just as crucial, water scarcity. To many it is shocking that “water is growing in importance as a criterion for assessing the viability of energy projects, as population and economic growth intensify competition for water resources.” When we do not have water, energy sources diminish resulting in troubles for large energy producing corporations. These companies that require water to allow large populations of employees that they need to maintain these large businesses producing energy and profit. Businesses are unfortunately not worried about the well beings of others though; instead they are concerned about their achievement. Their main focus is becoming whether or not there is a sufficient amount of water in the region the oil is being located and produced. If there is not water,...
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