Sc300-Unit 6 Assignment

Topics: Grocery store, Brand, Chicken Pages: 4 (1133 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Unit 6 Assignment

SC300: Big Ideas in Science

September 30, 2012

Unit 6 Assignment
The two meals that I have chosen are breakfast and dinner. We will discuss breakfast first. This morning I had two fried eggs with salt and pepper, a piece of toast with blackberry jam, and a diet coke. The origins of the Kroger brand eggs and the Kroger brand black pepper were from Cincinnati, OH, the Morton’s kosher salt is from Chicago, IL, the Nature’s Own bread was from Thomasville, GA, the Kauffman’s blackberry jam was from Montezuma, GA, and the Diet Coke was from Atlanta, GA.

For dinner I made Purdue chicken breast with salt and pepper, Kroger brand name frozen green beans and roasted potatoes. The origins of the Purdue chicken came from Salisbury, MD, the Kroger brand name greens beans were from Cincinnati, OH. The potatoes I’m not sure were they came from because I normally just by two or three individuals potatoes. But I would like to assume since Kroger name brand products seem to come from Cincinnati, OH I would like to say the potatoes were distributed from Ohio but more than likely grown in Idaho. If you haven’t notice already, all these items for breakfast and dinner were purchased from Kroger except the blackberry jam that I bought Yoder’s Marketplace in the Amish country in Montezuma, GA

Trying to find out how these different companies take the product from the farm to the table was a little difficult but I was able to get some information on the process. According to the How Products Are Made, the process of chicken farming for slaughter is fairly the same a crossed the nation. When the chicken is at its peak of growth, the chickens are sent to the slaughterhouse where the byproducts processing occur. The carcasses are then in the process of the meat being removed. It then goes to the meat product wholesale stage. It is then refrigerated in warehouses and then sent to the grocery store. When it came to the eggs, farmers or automates gathering...

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