SBIMF's swot analysis

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1. SBIMF BUSINESS IN SBI –SWOT ANALYSISSUBMITTED BY:-SHIVI SHARMACUN120550078SUBMITTED TO:-CHITKARA BUSINESS SCHOOL 2. BRIEF ABOUT MUTUAL FUNDS A mutual fund is not an alternative investment option tostocks and bonds; rather it pools the money of severalinvestors and invests this in stocks, bonds, moneymarket instruments and other types of securities. Buying a mutual fund is like buying a small slice of abig pizza. The owner of a mutual fund unit gets aproportional share of the fund’s gains, losses, incomeand expenses. 3. SBI MUTUAL FUND SBI mutual fund private limited is a joint venturebetween „The State Bank of India‟ and SocieteGenerale Asset Management (France) . The fund manages over Rs. 42,100 crores ofassets and has a diverse profile of investorsactively parking their investments across 38 activeschemes. 4. STATE BANK OF INDIA – SWOTANALYSISState Bank of India is the leadingcommercial bank in India, offeringservices such as retailbanking, commercialbanking, international banking andtreasury operations. The bank is theintegral part of State BankGroup, which offers additional servicessuch as mutual funds and insurance 5. STRENGHTS:- Goodwill of the company SBI is the largest bank in India in terms of marketshare, revenue and assets. Strong market position which sustains customer‟sconfidence Strong capital position It has a wide distribution network. It is government owned. Recently bank did well on loan recoveries and lookspromising in its future earnings. 6.  WEAKNESS:- Employees show reluctance to solve issuesquickly. Customers‟ waiting period is long when comparedto private banks It lags modernisation Recently it has been seen that, higher provisionsagainst Non-performing assets(NPAs) andmarginal growth in other income dented the bank‟sprofit margin 7.  OPPORTUNITIES:- Merger of associated banks with SBI The bank is modernising few of its bankingoperations, there is a better scope of using advancedtechnologies and software to improve customer relations New branches, ATMs and various types of other servicesprovided by SBI like GCC, GRC, Agriculture gold loan etc. Expansion on foreign soil. Young and talented pool of graduates and B schools are inrise to open new horizon to so called “old government bank” THREATS:- Customer prefer to switch to private banks and financialservice providers for loans and mortgages, as SBI involvesstringent verification procedures and take long time forprocessing. 8. SBI MUTUAL FUND-SWOT ANALYSIS SBI Mutual Fund is one of the premier fundhouses in India The fund serves its vast family of over 3.5 millioninvestors by reaching out to them through anetwork of over 100 points of acceptance, 26investor service centres, 33 investor servicedesks, 52 district organisers and 2 OverseasOfficial Points of Acceptance located in Doha andDubai. 9. STRENGTHS SBI Mutual Fund has created an identity of its own by proposingand practicing customer care, financial inclusion and governanceof the highest standards. In the industry out of 37 to 36 ENP‟s state bank of India mutualfund is on the 6th position. State bank of India Mutual Fund schemes are been managed bysome other private banks.(HDFC,ICICI,YES BANK,KOTAK) SBI mutual funds are great funds to invest in. It is very stable fundthat is sure to grow throughout the years . The Indian Bank is not tied to the United States‟ economy. This isprobably a large factor because the United States‟ economy is sounsteady, but the SBI mutual funds still remain strong. SBI also provides one of the strongest research departmentsamong all other mutual funds, which also aides in the reliability ofthe mutual funds and helps keep it strong through economic trialsand downfalls. 10. WEAKNESSES Most of the Mutual Fund that SBIMF Companyoffers are known as „open-ended „mutual fund.(means one can buy or sell shares of the funddirectly with the company ), because of one of thelimitations of open ended mutual fund , they areonly priced once per day...
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