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There is a sea change in the media world. While most consumers see the news papers, the same magazines and listen to the same radio programs, behind this bland public exterior there is a seething world of innovation, acquisition, global partnership and divorces, births and deaths… all of it most readily interpreted as the inevitable result of the technological revolution that is in the process of merging telephones, computers, televisions in to a single all singing, all dancing magic kit that will, very possible, change all of our lives more than we can imagine some dayThere are 2 ways you can respond to this 1 is to panic, which may mean simply curling up in a corner and wishing that it would all go away. The other is to embrace the new religion with messianic fervor and go out to proclaim the millennium. I welcome you to the new emerging world of the Info-High-Way, destined to redefine the world of communications the Internet banking portal of our bank, enables its retail banking customers to operate their accounts from anywhere anytime, removing the restrictions imposed by geography and time. It's a platform that enables the customers to carry out their banking activities from their desktop, aided by the power and convenience of the Internet Internet Banking System is a system that has been developed in order to help clients with the daily day-to-day transactions. Internet banking systems means that clients can now do banking at the leisure of their homes. Also known as online banking, the system allows both transactional and non-transactional features .Online banking or internet banking allows customers to conduct financial transactions on a secure website operated by the retail or virtual bankE banking is the automated delivery of new and traditional banking products and services directly to customers through electronic, interactive communication channels. E- Banking can be defined as ³delivery of banks services to a customer at his office or home using Electronic Technology .´Internet Banking Internet banking (also referred as e banking) is the latest in this series of technological wonders in the recent past involving use of Internet for delivery of banking products & services. In Internet banking, any inquiry or transaction is processed online without any reference to the branch (anywhere banking) at any time. Due to exposure to global trends after information explosion led by internet, customers- both individuals and corporates are now demanding better services with more products from their banks. And due to customers demand companies are coming with new and better improved banking services. E-banking services such as Internet Banking, Telebanking, credit cards, Debit cards and Demat Services. Market is now focusing from mass banking to class banking through introduction of value added and customized products. . Providing Internet banking is increasingly becoming a "need to have" than a "nice to have" service. Convenience. Speed of concluding transactions. Safety-banking from own home. Economy- banking without visiting your bank. Cheaper service fees. Seamless Integration with existing environment ( IDM Intelligent Data Module). Highly Scaleable. Easy Customization. Lower Costs of both Installation and Maintenance.


The main objectives of the study are:

• To understand the concept of Internet banking and importance, to bank as well as customers.

• To get aware of various aspects of net banking

• To build up SWOC analysis of Internet banking of SBI • To build up various solutions for drawbacks in net banking

• To find out the services that other banking companies are giving to their customers. • To build the relationship with the customers and to follow up them, make sure that they are satisfied with the product. • To place products ahead of the competitors.

• To find out the customer...

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