Effect of Electronic Transactions on Effective Financial Service Delivery

Topics: Bank, Online banking, Banking technology Pages: 5 (1523 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Electronic commerce is now thought to hold the promise of a new commercial revolution by offering an inexpensive and direct way to exchange information and to sell or buy products and services. This revolution in the market place has set in motion a revolution in the banking sector for the provision of a payment system that is compatible with the demands of the electronic marketplace (Dogarawa, 2005). Electronic-transaction in Nigeria is in an embryonic stage. However, one area of electronic-transaction that has proven successful in Nigeria is electronic banking (Ebanking). The term "electronic banking" or "e-banking" covers both computer and telephone banking. It refers to the use of information and communication technology by banks to provide services and manage customer relationship more quickly and most satisfactorily (Charity-Commission, 2003). Burr (1996) describes it as an electronic connection between the bank and the customer in order to prepare, manage and control financial transactions. Electronic banking according to Al-Abed (2003) is an umbrella term for the process by which a customer may perform banking transactions electronically without visiting a brickand-mortar institution. Lustsik (2004) describes electronic banking as a variety of the following platforms: Internet banking, telephone banking, TV-based banking, mobile phone banking, and PC banking. For the purpose of this research, we define electronic banking as the delivery of banking services and products through the use of electronic means irrespective of place, time and distance. Such products and services can include deposit-taking, lending, account management, the provision of financial advice, electronic bill payment, and the provision of other electronic payment products and services such as electronic money. The benefits of this 21st century banking are numerous. Its introduction would increase the potential of business to attain greater productivity and profitability, as trading and transactions, which would be carried out via communication networks, would be a lot faster and distance would no longer be barrier to effective transactions (Fagbuyi, 2003). According to Sergeant (2000), the benefits of E-banking are manifold and are to be seen from the point view of the banks themselves, customers and even the regulators. According to him, for banks, E-banking brings different and arguably lower barriers to entry; opportunities for significant cost reduction; the capacity to rapidly reengineer business processes; and greater opportunities to sell cross border. For customers, the potential benefits are: more choice; greater competition and better value for money; more information; better tools to manage and compare information; and faster service. In the past few years, Nigerian banks and generally the financial services industry embraced electronic banking, which has been made possible by the advancements in information technology (IT). According to Sanusi (2002), the introduction of such e-payment products in Nigeria commenced in 1996 when the CBN granted Allstates Trust Bank approval to introduce a closed system electronic purse called ESCA. This was followed in February 1997, with the introduction of a similar product called “Paycard”, by Diamond Bank. The card based e-money products assumed an open platform with the authorisation in February 1998, of Smartcard Nigeria Plc, a company floated by a consortium of 19 banks to produce and manage cards called valucard and issued by the member banks. Many banks therefore launched their websites between 1998 and 2000 with a view to starting Internet banking. A consortium of more than 20 banks under the auspices of Gemcard Nigeria Limited obtained CBN approval in November 1999 to introduce the “Smartpay”...
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