Topics: Vincent van Gogh, Color, The Starry Night Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Art Critique of Café Terrace At Night

Café Terrace at night is an oil canvass painting by the famous Dutch Artist Vincent Van Gogh. In the Painting, Van Gogh depicts the exterior of a side walk café on a starry night. We also see many people wandering on the streets or sitting on the terrace of the café. In the corner, we see a tree looming over the cobbled street. As it is taken place at night, we see that both of the buildings are illuminated. We also see a horse and a carriage ride up to the café. On the balcony of the cafe we see multiple white tables with wooden chairs and a street lamp on the wall under a mezzanine. Van Gogh uses many shapes such as a rectangle to outline the pillars of the building or the outlining of a door and its window. Van Gogh also uses violet and blue in the sky and the stars are painted yellow with a light blue tint around them. The wall of the café gleams of yellow from the light in the lamp. The shutters of the window are painted lime green. There is also a contrast in the customers of the café and the pedestrians as the pedestrians are wearing lighter and more elaborate clothing as opposed to the customers who are wearing dark and simplistic clothing. The waiters are wearing black and white clothing and carry trays containing various items. Lastly, the shadows of the buildings are shown in dark tints on the cobble floors.

In order to create texture in his painting, Van Gogh has used curved lines and rectangular shapes on the ground. We also see the details of texture under the balcony and on the walls with minuscule lines as well as on the pillars and the opposite building. In the background space, night has taken over the street and left it dark while the foreground is illuminated with light from the room's in the building as well as the Café. In the sky, we see that it is a starry night and many people take this chance to enjoy a walk. The tables are made up of sphere like shapes while the...
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