Political Satire

Topics: United States, President of the United States, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Derek Walls
Dr. Ainsworth
English 1302
11 June 2013
Political Satires
In the two cartoons portrayed by Nbcnews cartoons, “The Victory Lap” and “The Wednesday Morning Meeting Of The Economic Optimist Club Will Now Come To Order” visual analysis reveals two different artist takes on the American economy and how it is suffering. The United States economy today is at a fast sinking pace with high unemployment and poor job prognoses, therefore slowing the economy down to a snail’s pace. The American public is becoming angrier towards President Barack Obama in every turn of life including satirical political cartoons. These cartoons show the disgust in every facet of American government from an economy in dire straits to obscene job loses. The anomaly in the cartoon, The Victory Lap, by Nate Beeler of the Washington Examiner reveals a most unhappy President sitting on a very large disgruntled snail that is dragging along slowly on a shallow plane of dirty water that is casting a long pitiful trail behind the President and the snail. For example the snail has a look of disgust on his face that is also shadowed by dark colors giving it a complete look of dissatisfaction. Additionally, the President who is sitting on the snail’s back has his shoulders slumped forward with his head hanging downward with saddened eyes and eyebrows. This cartoon evokes that everything is dismal and in poor economical state due to the overall bleak tones that are drawn. The very importance of this is that it implies that the American people are being drawn down into poor economical status along with the American government. However, the President is holding signs that read, “yippee” and “debt limit deal”, both implicating that there are things to be happy about concerning the American economy. Surprisingly, it is very interesting that this cartoon has psychological implications that will be deferred to the common citizen that things in the economy are bad, even if that person...

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Heller, Joe. “The Wednesday Morning Meeting Of The Economic Optimist Club Will Now Come To Order.” Cartoon. Nbcnews.com N.p.,n.d. Web. 11 June 2013.
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