Topics: East India Company, British Empire, Lord William Bentinck Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: May 12, 2014
Sati Essay
The British were overstepping their rights by abolishing Sati, they were completely biased in their opinion toward them. Sati has been around for centuries more than the British East India Company (BEIC). The BEIC has never meddled with their practice before, so what is it that sparked their sudden interest? The hindus are positive that if the BEIC continues to pursue this unrealistic task they will not get the final result they want. The BEIC had no right to interfere with the Hindus practice, let alone judge them. The BEIC were completely out of line by banning Sati.

As mentioned before, this practice has been around for much longer than the BEIC, so how is it their place to have such an opinion. A petition was sent to Lord William Cavendish Bentinck in the hope of persuading him not to abolish Sati. In the petition they bring up some argumentative points such as that the practice is “time immemorial, are inviobaly secured to us.” They are trying to say that this practice has been around since before the British-India company gained control, so It is easy to see this as of possibly being a territorial issue. As the Hindus believe that their religion should be completely in their control, despite what others think.

Additionally, the Hindus were not sure as to why the BEIC are taking their sudden interest now. They brought up that “notwithstanding the fanaticism and intolerance of their religion, no interference with the practice of suttee was ever attempted.” The Hindus are saying that the BEIC never medaled with the ceremony, so why are they take interest now?And that despite they have always had strong views on their practice, they never took any serious action.

Lastly, the Hindus were saying that if the Hindus continue to attempt to abolish Sati, they will not get the end result the want. Their final point was that the British East India Company’s determination to outlaw Sati “ is likely wholly to fail in procuring the...
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