Samuel Johnson On Debtor's Prison

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Johnson on Debtors Prison Essay

When it comes a strong, authoritative argument, the best thing to do is read author Samuel Johnson’s (the most fascinating, distinguished poet and lexicographer) response from the excerpt “Debtor’s Prison.” The publication of the letter is concerns referring to people being sent to prison for not paying their debt. It is said, “an enquiry is made by which it appears that more than twenty thousand are at this time prisoners for debt,” (Samuel Johnson) (Lines 3-5).
Most people would agree with the fact that no one should be put in jail for something they haven’t terribly committed. It would be more understanding if they got a D.U.I or a crime that was actually committed. It shows poverty, lost hope and tragedy.
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“A debtor is dragged to prison, pitied for a moment, and then forgotten,” and, “lost alike in the caverns of the oblivion,” are examples of pathos (rhetorical strategy) because it shows emotion Samuel conveys in his response. He has a phenomenal usage of terminology such as, “calamity” (line 11) “negligence,”(line 14) etcetera. There are some hyperboles abstracted as “lingering destruction!” (line 27). He’s included logos, pathos, ethos, has great tone and a dynamic voice. His introduction was very well done but could have portrayed a little more. the conclusion had morals and values therefore explains the depiction of adversity and darkness …show more content…
"Debtor's Prison." "Debtor's Prison" Samuel Johnson's Response. 19th Century Ed. Samuel Johnson, 0. 1.

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