Samsung Galaxy S4 Marketing Plan

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Marketing Plan

This paper contains a full marketing plan for the Samsung Galaxy S4 model smart phone within the South African market. The paper describes the product and the current marketing situation including a SWOT analysis. It lists measureable objectives of this proposed marketing plan and provides decisions made and the reasons for the positioning strategy, product strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy and marketing communications strategy.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Marketing Plan
Samsung is a global company which has aggressively grown its cellular phone business over the past few years. Despite cellular products being one of Samsung’s newer global lines, in the past few years it has been by far the greatest contributor to Samsung’s global sales ( The Samsung Galaxy S Series of smart phones was introduced into the market in 2010 as their flagship smart phone product, running the Google provided Android operating system. The original Galaxy was replaced by the Galaxy SII and subsequently the Galaxy SIII, both of which were extremely successful worldwide. The market has become a lot more competitive since the introduction of the original Galaxy S and much is expected from the latest in the S Series in their latest product the Galaxy S4. What is the product Samsung is offering?

Describing the Galaxy S4 per Kotler’s five product levels (Kotler, 2012), the benefit at its core is the ability to communicate through a multitude of means as well as perform computational type tasks while on the move. The basic product is a smartphone. The expected product has a large touch screen, has good battery life and has many social, entertainment and business applications. At the forth level, being the augmented product the Galaxy S4 offers some additional new features which previous smart phones have not offered in the past. Such as the ability to program the phone as an infra red remote controller and control movement on the screen without touching it and by merely waving ones hand in front on the device. In South Africa, Samsung have decided to offer a two year accidental damage warranty on the Galaxy S4. This will greatly assist in creating additional perceived value to customers. On the final fifth level, potential product will include the future applications and software upgrades that will be developed for the Galaxy S4 device over the course of the product’s life. Based on the previous model, the Galaxy SIII, there were many upgrades of the software which brought with it additional features and functionality which were not present when the device was first launched. Customers have come to expect this as an additional value, part of the value proposition offered by Samsung flagship products. As the product is a new one, with a product life of no more than two years, the initial marketing plan should captivate both innovators and early adopters (Kotler, 2012). The product’s value proposition is one of status as this device will be one of the most technologically advanced devices available when launched. What is the current marketing situation?

In the past in South Africa, Samsung has done very little direct marketing to final consumers for their cellular device offerings and have left the consumer marketing to the cellular networks. As such Samsung has focused its efforts and conducted Business to Business marketing and relied on the four South African cellular networks and various brand stores to market their devices to final consumers. This has not lead to a very cohesive marketing plan as Samsung has very little input on what the consumer hears about its products. The plan for the Galaxy S4 is that Samsung would like to engage in more Business to Consumer marketing to create more of a demand for its flagship product than has been the case in the past. Despite the poor marketing effort in the past the Galaxy SIII still garnered significant interest in the South...

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