Samsung Elec Case Study

Topics: Stock, Bond, Option Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: May 17, 2013
We think the convertible bond issue was a self-dealing transaction. Because the Samsung Electronics issued the private convertible bonds, which worth 60 billion won, to the chairman's son Lee Jae-Yong (45 billion won) and another Samsung affiliate (15 billion won). We think the purpose of issuing the convertible bonds is to transfer the management power to the chairman’s son, thus maintaining family control, because the bonds can be converted to shares of the company. Even though they knew this kind of activity could depress the market price of the outstanding share, they went with it anyway. Also, it harmed the shareholder’s interest since it diluted their voting rights. The clear evidence is that the price of the conversion bond was set far lower than the market price at that time. The conversion price of the convertible bonds was 7700 won and the holder was able to convert this convertible bond into about 1.25 million shares of common stock. At that time, the market price of the common stock ranges from 85000 to 230000 won per share. (Annual Report 2007). 6.

We think the agreement with the Pan-Pacific Industrial Investment is a direct investment of Samsung Electronics into Samsung Motors.

Samsung Electronics has entered into a joint-venture agreement with Pan-Pacific Industrial Investments, which is the shareholder of Samsung Motors. According to the agreement, Samsung Electronics is authorized to sell or buy shares of Samsung Motors, which is actually owned by Pan-Pacific at certain exercise price on or before the maturity date. If the stock price of Samsung Motors decreases, Pan-Pacific will exercise the put option and earn a gain. Or if the stock price of Samsung Motors increases, Pan-Pacific will exercise the call option and earn a gain, too. In this way, Pan-Pacific, which is the shareholder of Samsung Motors, has been guaranteed by Samsung Electronics a certain rate of return. So there is no risk for Pan-Pacific, Pan-Pacific will get the...
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