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Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Debut albums, Luck Pages: 4 (880 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Questions in Station 1: GC Mode On

Identify the following.
1. Those elements that formalize and objective CSR.
2. Midttun analyzed each of the models adopted by the governments in political, commercial and regulatory exchange taking into account 3 players which are? 3. Business model is proposed and what role business firm is considered to play in society. 4. Aspects related to information, transparency, and how the company accounts for itself towards society with regard to its CSR policies and practices and the channels it uses to do so. 5. A concept whereby companies integrate social environmental concerns whereby companies integrate social environmental concerns in their interaction with stakeholders on a voluntary basis. Answers:

1. The explicit – page 17
2. The three players are government, industry and civil society - page 37 3. Understanding – page 3
4. Accountability – page 14
5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – page 40

Questions in Station 2: Dont judge a book by its cover
Answers before each number
1.CSR refers only to relations between business and society. 2.CSR is also about how companies and countries differentiate themselves in an independent world 3.CSR only means that business should be business, but at the same time asks what sort of businesses they should be. 4.In the new global context, CSR appears as a new framework in which to establish and organize all kinds of socioeconomic and environmental relationships. 5.Efficiency, competitiveness, paying taxes and abiding by the law is what a company has to do and beyond that point is where CSR starts. 6.Each country defines CSR according to its economic context and its historical tradition. 7.CSR must be long term commitment and at the same time a road map of a company for action and not something that is immobile. 8.The debate about the role of governments opened by the Green Paper had a certain tendency to focus on the issue of the voluntary or mandatory...
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