Sample Paper Foundation 2015 Class IX

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Admission-cum-Scholarship Test
(Sample Paper)
(Nurture 9X Classroom Course-2015)

(Syllabus of the Test : Science & Mathematics of Class VIII) Roll No.: ____________

Test Booklet Code :

Time : 1½ Hrs.


Max.Marks : 240

1. The initial 10 minutes are earmarked for the candidates to carefully read the instructions. (Note : The candidates are not allowed to either look inside the question booklet or start answering during these initial 10 minutes.)

2. The question booklet and answer sheet are issued separately at the start of the examination. 3. This question booklet contains 60 questions.
4. Read each question carefully.
5. Determine the correct answer, one out of the four available choices given under each question. 6. It is mandatory to use Ball Point Pen to darken to appropriate circle in the answer sheet. 7. For each correct answer, four marks will be awarded. There is no negative marking. For Example

Q. 12 : In the Question Booklet is : Which one is known as ‘black gold’? (Answer Sheet)
(1) Old gold


(2) Petroleum
(3) Silver
(4) Coal
Thus as the correct answer is choice 2, the candidate should darken completely (with a blue/black Ball point pen only) the circle corresponding to choice 2 against Question No. 12 on the Answer Sheet. If more than one circle is darkened for a given question such answer will be rejected. 8. Do not use white-fluid or any other rubbing material on answer sheet. No change in the answer once marked is allowed. Before handing over the answer sheet to the invigilator, candidate should check that Roll No. and Test-Booklet code have been filled and marked correctly. 9. Rough work should be done only on the space provided in the question booklet. 10. Immediately after the prescribed examination time is over, the Answer sheet and Question booklet are to be returned to the invigilator. If the candidate wants to leave the examination hall before time, he/she should hand over the question paper and answer sheet to the invigilator. However, no student can leave the examination hall before half time.

Nurture 9X Classroom Course-2015

Sample Paper

Choose the correct answer :



In which of the following cases, does a net zero
force act on the object?

Which of the following sounds can be heard by us?

(1) A ball rolling on the ground

(1) Sound of a pendulum making 15 oscillations
every second

(2) A car taking a turn

(2) Sound of a string vibrating 50 times in 5 seconds.

(3) A speeding bus

(3) Sound of our heart beating 75 times every minute

(4) A bicycle moving straight with constant speed

(4) Sound of a body vibrating 75 times every second

Which of the following forces is always attractive in


In which of the following cases will the L.E.D. glow?


(1) Electrostatic force



(2) Magnetic force
(3) Gravitational force



(4) Electrostatic force and Gravitational force

Sugar solution

A wooden box is given horizontal push of same
strength on levelled surfaces of different nature. It
travels shortest before coming to rest on

Distilled water




(1) Marble floor

(2) Glass floor


(3) Polished wooden floor
(4) Cotton bed


Friction between two surfaces in contact increases
(1) A layer of grease is applied between them
(2) They are pressed harder against each other


(3) They move over each other
(4) They are pulled apart


At a given temperature, sound travels fastest in
(1) Solids

Sea water

The process of transferring of charge from a
charged object to the earth is called
(1) Lightning

(2) Earthing

(3) Charging

(4) Insulating

Two plane mirrors are inclined with each...
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