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The paper that follows shall be governed by the following academic parameters: 1. The paper shall present a proposed Marketing Plan for ABC Sandwiches covering the calendar year 2012. 2. The effective cut-of date for information to be included in the paper is June 30, 2011. As such, all developments beyond said date is no longer included in the scope of the Study. 3. All industry and company information, and financial statements of the company and its competitors acquired from the Securities and Exchange Commission, ABC Sandwiches Inc. itself, and other relevant industry sources are deemed accurate. 4. Responses to questions posed by the researchers to the officers and staff of the subject company are deemed accurate and free from omissions and misrepresentation. 5. As no financial statements specific to ABC Sandwiches could be acquired, the researchers derived an Income Statement for the ABC Sandwiches brand on a pro-rata basis using universally accepted accounting principles. 6. When two or more information acquired by the researchers from secondary sources are seemingly contradictory, the writer undertook efforts within his capability to determine which of the information acquired is accurate and/ or is consistent with the logical course of events. 7. The study will be limited to Glorietta, Greenbelt malls, and nearby areas in the trading area of ABC Sandwichres Glorietta only.


1. Macro-environment
Filipinos love to eat in as much as it is part of the Philippine culture as seen in lavishly prepared fiestas and having a sumptuous meal for family and friends. And throughout the years, dining out and purchasing food from the rapidly increasing number of food establishments has always been a big part of Filipino people’s lives. It is no wonder why one of the biggest and highly competitive industries in the country is the consumer food service industry. Today, there are more than two hundred fifty restaurants offering different types of cuisines in Metro Manila. These restaurants could be found in busy areas that are known to have a variety of restaurants a food-lover could imagine. These areas are Timog and Tomas Morato in Quezon City; Eastwood, Libis; Greenhills, San Juan; Metro Walk in Pasig; Mega Strip in Mandaluyong; Greenbelt Park in Makati; and Malate, Manila to name a few. These areas are favorite dining places and hang out scenes of people young and old. Aside from the restaurants in the areas mentioned, there are more than one hundred other restaurants that the Department of Tourism has accredited all over the country. A. Economic

Table 4.2
Economic Macro-Environment

Potential Change| Implication| Effect on Company|
Annual inflation rate expected to decrease from 5.5% in 2011 to 5.1% in 2012| A possible decrease in food and beverage costs and a possible increase in consumer’s demand| Reduced cost of sales and increase in sales revenues| Philippine Peso’s exchange rate P53.319 to $1, and steadily rising. (as of June 15, 2006)| A possible increase in costs of imported food and beverage| A possible decrease in sales of meals using imported food and beverage| Growth of tourism and the continuous development of leisure establishments| Customers from here and visitors of the country will frequent food establishments both old and new | Potential increase in sales | Consumer expenditure for food in the Philippines grew by 10% to over P1.3 billion slightly because of home delivery/ take out services| Increase on consumers’ demand for take-out and delivery, ready-to-go food| May increase the percentage in sales of take-out and deliveries |

Domestic Economy
In spite of the fluctuating economy and political crises throughout the country, consumer food service seems unaffected. The number of outlets has been growing slightly by 3%, and this is specifically due to the good performance of fast food and full service...
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