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Susie Student

Multimedia Technology

October 16, 20—

Today I am happy to share my ePortfolio with you. I hope to use my ePortfolio in the future to demonstrate my understanding and manipulation of various types of technology.

While I have used technology prior to this class, a few of the things that I have learned and would like to spotlight today are:

Capturing audio from various sources (This will be highlighted in my PhotoStory video project; but I have used it through many projects.) Capturing video from the Internet (I will focus on my downloaded, trimmed, and converted video from YouTube; but this can be used with other videos online as well.) Online flyer creation (This technology will be displayed through the flyer I created on a website called Smore.)

I hope this short time we have had together will spark your interest in a few of the many technologies that are available. I encourage you to check them out further to see if they would be beneficial to you.
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