Same Sex Marriage

Topics: Science, Robot, Robotics Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: March 16, 2013
THE FEASIBILITY STUDY OF THE ROBOT AND ITS CAPACITY OF DOING WORK An Investigatory Project presented to the Science Department of Universidad de Sta. Isabel, Basic Education Department in fulfillment of the requirements in Science 10.

CUARTEROS, Ma. Bernadette B.
ESCURO, Claudine H.
FLORES, Louisse Francesca S.
LAYAGAN, Alexa Mari O.


Mr. Arvin Posangco
Physics Teacher
February 2013

Phyro 1
Statement of the Problem
* The feasibility study of the robot and its capacity of doing work. Introduction
This study is all about designing, building, programming and testing a robots with a combination of physics and mathematics. A study of robotics means that students are actively engaged with all of these discipline in a deeply problem-posing problem solving environment. Robotics is a system that contains sensors, control system, manipulators and power supplies all working together to perform a task. Objectives:

* To make a robot out of lego and scrap materials
* To provide an entertainment
Conceptual Framework
Vending Machine

Materials and Methods
The materials that we need to build the internal structure or parts of the robot are wires, LED Lights, batteries, matchbox and hinges. The materials that we need to build the outer parts are lego, metal scraps, paint, pegs and screw. Time Table

| Wk 1| Wk 2| Wk 3| Wk 4| Wk 5| Wk 6| Wk 24|
Preparation of proposal| * | | | | | | |
Submission of Proposal| | | * | | | | |
Gathering of Proposal| | | | | | * | |
Submission| | | | | | | * |

Scope and Limitation
Despite the great advancement in the field of robotics and continuous effort to make robots more and more sophisticated to match the capabilities of human beings and even surpass them, still, from a very scientific and logical point of view, robots developed up till these days are no way closer to human beings. The...
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