Sales Promotion

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Sales promotion is of paramount significance in today’s marketing world by which marketer want to make their product reachable to their desired customers mind for making him or her remind regarding purchasing their product. For this term paper my selected topic is sales promotion which is one of the branches of marketing where I will briefly discuss sales promotion strategy, tools & ways to develop it. For each and every issue, the practical examples of the different renowned companies will be specified on the perspective of Bangladesh so that the selected topic will be more reliable to be believed. DESCRIPTION:

For making business, product selling & buying is must where customer is the main issue on whom these both selling & buying is depended. To make these customers persuaded for buying a product marketer use sales promotion programs. Sales promotion

From my opinion, sales promotion is just a technique used just by the marketer just to augment the sales quantity of their selected products. Sales promotion strategy
I have learned about 2 types of strategies namely-
1.Push strategy means pushing the product from its distribution channel to the customer by channel members. Example –NOKIA is promoting its products in BD through retailers(Carphone Warehouse), personal selling(in Bashundhora City Complex, Istern Plaza etc) 2.Pull strategy is aiming to rise up the product demand in the customer mind through spending a high budget in good advertisement and promotional programs. Example- GP in BD is spending huge budget continually in making advertisement to take stronger place in customer’s mind. Sales promotion tools

To be a winner or the best you have to do such things which other cannot do or do but not like you. In case of marketing only the creative advertising and promotional programs can make you the unique one in the battle of capturing customer. Today every company keeps some budget for making effective promotional programs. But at first...
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