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Customer Analysis
Sobeys is a Canadian company that has been serving us for over 100 years since 1907. It began with a horse drawn meat cart in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. They have over 1300 stores in 10 provinces. They run under a few different names such as Foodland, FreshCo, Price Chopper, Lawtons Drugs, IGA and Thrifty Foods. Their focus is on providing fresh quality food and superior customer service in the right sized stores.

They are also focused on building sustainable worth in an environmentally friendly manner. Their focus on community is shown through improving environmental performance through reasonable, practical, and environmentally responsible practices that are in the best interest of our customers, employees, suppliers and community.

They also support national initiatives that promote the well-being of families and children including health, wellness, education and scholarship programs. Their major focus is placed on the local communities where our employees and franchisees work, live, and generously give their time and talent to help support community events and causes.

Customer Profile and planning sheet
Name: Sobeys
Address: 1 Mount Bernard Ave
Type of business: grocery store
Name of buyer: Darlene
People who influence the buying decision or aid in using or selling our product: customers, assistant manager, Buying hours and best time to see buyer: 9:00-5:00
Receptionist’s name: mark
Buyers profile:
Buyer’s personality style: sensor style. Be brief and to the point. Use graphs and samples, verbal communication is more effective than written. Buyer’s important buying needs: products that customers will want to buy over and over. Products that are, low in cost for buyer and consumer, have the ability to draw customers into the store and take up as little room on shelves as possible.

Competitive Analysis
* To have more nutrition than most competitors
* To provide sales match guarantee
* To provide more variety of flavours
* To have better advertising than competitors
* To provide more promotions and benefits than competitors

The Customer Benefit Plan
* One serving contains 40gms of whole grains and 25% of daily fibre * Comes in 8 different flavours
* All boxes are made of 100% recycled paper
* Comes in 2 size boxes regular and family size
* have our own website
* free advertising
* comes in a kid friendly bite size pieces
* Provides adults and children with the nutrition they need * Comes in a variety of flavours to suit everyone’s taste * Has 10 essential nutrients
* Draw people into the store
* One of the best-selling cereals
* Gives you a healthy way to start your day
* It’s a healthy cereal that you and you kids will love * These nutrients that many of us might miss gives you energy to get through the day

Marketing Plan

Mission Statement
Kellogg is a global company Committed to building long-term growth in volume and profit and to enhance its worldwide leadership position by providing nutritious food products of superior value. Product

* We are continually looking for new ideas and flavours to add to our collection * Our boxes are in a convenient size so that you are able to place more on your shelves in a smaller space * We have colourful boxes that feature our mini wheats character that grabs kids attention and helps kids remember their favourite flavour Price

We offer very competitive prices and are always looking for ways we can reduce our prices to give your customers the best price possible.

Pricing Overview
Per Box
$2.29= Regular price of each unit
$-0.45= Special promotional allowance
$1.84= Deal Cost
$3.69= Manufacturers suggested selling price
$3.59= Normal retail selling price
36%= Retailers normal profit...
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