Sales Monitoring System

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Silver Net Inventory Web based system




What is Silver Net ?

Silver Net Inventory System (SiNetInSy) is a complete web based inventory management system that performs the functions of Purchases, Sales and payments. This system will guide you through the creation of vendors list, purchase orders, products list, receiving lists, sales orders, invoices, sale and payment receipts. This is in addition to transfer orders between locations, customers and vendors balances and various types of reports for monitoring your business . SiNetInSy: 1. The simple intuitive interface. You can proceed with the work without referring to this Help Manual 2. SiNetInSy is a multi-user and multi - warehouse system . 3. Usage separate product descriptions for invoices and purchase orders. 4. You can group products in storage location and types. 5. SiNetInSy calculates real-time on hand, ordered allocated and available stock levels when orders or invoices are entering. 6. This system allows to conduct payments for obtained products and for ordered products in the purchase orders. It supports partial payments and payment under several orders or receiving lists. The payments arriving for sold products are similarly ensured. 2

7. Automatically calculates real-time balance for each customer and vendor. 8. You can independently set up the appearance of the invoice, order, payment receipt and receiving list. 9. The system and in addition to printing the documents. 10. You can create and print various types of reports . 11. The system is protected with data access control. It can restrict the unauthorized users from having full access to the database by l imiting their access to certain management or confidential information. 12. SiNetSy supports using discounts, shipping and two types of taxes in the invoices and orders. 13 System integrated with online store. You can see our online demo at


How to begin?

You have to locate folders and files from setup file on your Windows web server. Silver Net Inventory system works with IIS and ASP.NET 2.0.Locate the database file inventnet.mdb in a separate folder .Change ConnectionString at the web.config on a real path to the inventnet.mdb After installing all files and folders, the system is ready to function all its features as mentioned earlier. You can open the web page Login.aspx in any browser and enter user name and password receiving from developer company. First of all, set up your company. You would click the button Our Company then click the link Edit and enter all required information. Click on the button Our Warehouses and add all your warehouses and storage locations. To insert your vendors, select Vendors and click on New Vendor link and enter the information in the dialog window. To insert your new or existing products from your storehouse, select Items click on the Products button and Add New product link. Enter details accordingly To insert your customers, select Customers on the left menu and click on the New Customer link and enter the details accordingly. To create a purchase order, click on the Purchase Orders button and the New POrder link. Enter a name of new vedor or click on the button List and select the required vendor from drop down list. Select required warehouse and set discount and tax procent. Click on the link Insert and you'll see the button "Line Items". Then open the Line Items form and click on the button Add Items. You can enter product name and find product or click the button "Show list of all products" and select products from list. Click on the button Add and fill the details section of your Purchase Order. Click on the button Print if you want print the Purchase Order. Select format Acrobat (PDF) file and click Export at the Print form. You have to install Adobe Reader before using system. Click the button Open at the dialog box and print...
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