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Statement of the Problem

The business thought of expanding their company’s operation by using a computer system that will assist the owner in transaction of the businesses. For the past years to present, the business is using manual type of system in recording, transactions, and preparing the sales report.

The systems analysts will indicate the following sub-problem of the business existing system.

Unsecured records of Sales Inventory

Security of the business is not properly monitored using manual type of system. Unauthorized users or individuals can easily access and alter those records of sales. The records can also be misplaced or lost due to unsecured storage of keeping their records like placing them in such that can be transferable. In addition, the records cannot be brought back that may result to the inconsistency.

Time Consuming

Using manual system, transaction for the operations of the business will take a long time. The times that are supposedly pertained and allotted for other business transactions will be wasted on encoding such information on the printed copy of the sales report.

Error in computations

Due to the manual system, the business can experience losses in terms of their gross sales. With this kind of system, the administrator can commit errors in computing the total sales of the business. The encoding of the total amount of stocks is also at risk in engaging in manual type of system.

Problems and Objectives

The following are the problems of the business current system: * The slow process or method in preparing and encoding the sales information in the daily sales report. * The inaccurate computation of total sales.

* How would the owner be able to review and analyse their sales. * How can the business be protected from alterations or unsecured use.

The following are the objectives of the system analysts:
* To create a sales and inventory system that will provide the computation of the...
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