Sales and Marketing

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Sales and Marketing Paper
August 24, 2009


While sales and marketing are sometimes split into two different areas it is important that these two areas work together to achieve a goal for the lodging industry, this goal, simply put, is to increase revenue.

This paper will discuss how the sales and marketing departments work together to achieve this goal, and how they differ. Included in the discussion will be the importance of STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) and the importance of the sales process and why prospecting is important for the lodging industry.

Sales and Marketing

Sales are defined as “income (at invoice values) received for goods and services over some given period of time” (wordnetweb, 2009) and marketing is defined as “everything you do to place your product or service in the hands of potential customers” (, 2009). The sales and marketing departments must work together in order to achieve the common goal of increased revenue. These departments are directly affected by one another. Consider a particular role of the marketing department, this role being to generate leads through advertising techniques, once the leads are generated by the marketing department, the sales department then steps in and tries to lock that lead in as a potential customer. Now consider this role being completed by the sales department, when the sales department locks in the leads generated by the marketing department this increases the revenue for the lodging facility. With this increased revenue comes more income that can be spent for the marketing of the lodging facility. The marketing department and sales department do differ in one area, this area being the size of their clientele. While the role of the marketing department is to appeal to as many customers as possible, the sales department focuses on one customer at a time.


STP or Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning are important...

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