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Coming out of the first year of the merger, what new opportunities should the new “Defining Entity” pursue in order to grow business?

EDS Market Strengths
➢ Heath care
➢ Insurance
➢ Communications
➢ Electronics
➢ Aerospace
➢ Defense industries

A.T. Kearney Market Strengths
➢ Manufacturing
➢ Consumer products
➢ Transportation
➢ Chemical pharmaceuticals

Combined Strengths
➢ Automotive
➢ Financial services
➢ Energy
➢ Retail

When companies combine/merge the whole objective is to gain new opportunities, gain market share, grow the business, to become more innovative and to improve product offerings, utilizing/sharing the existing resources and data. From the case study the company has already been successful in proving that their merger was a win, win. Already they have leveraged off each other by gaining the Rolls-Royce account which would fall under a combined strength category, they were able to provide together more services to Rolls-Royce that individually they previously could not offer. Why these opportunities, and why did I decide this, because each company already possesses and provides services and strengths in individual fields, and has a history of established relationships within given market segments. It is obvious that by combining the two companies, both companies have deepened and widened their new customer opportunity base. They can now unite and build off these pre existing strengths and relationships with more to offer and become the one stop shopping entity that they strives to be. They now also have the opportunity to engage and play in each others sandboxes to say. Not only can they leverage off each other’s existing customers they now have the opportunity to gain new and, competitor’s customers, based on the fact that they now have more to offer then their competition in both arenas.

If I was Brian Harrison, I would immediately put in place a team consisting of members from each company that would utilize and compile existing data to come up with a list of who are our customers are today, who are our top customers, why are they our customers, what services do they obtain from us today, what services can we provide for them tomorrow now that we are one company. What customers generate the most revenue, why are they loyal to us, does it have to do with price, commitment, quality of service or maybe our technology. Who is our competition what services do they provide that we don’t and how do they market them. This information would provide the company with a strategic target market. How would you sell into each new opportunity you identified? What sales approach or customer interface strategy would you use? Based on the above data collection the sales force could identify which customers to go after first. Our sales approach would be “one stop shopping”, not only can we consult you on better practices, we have a team to implement them. Just think of the time and money your company would save, purchasing would only have to cut one PO, your staff would only have to deal with one company. We could provide services for your company that would allow you to cut your overhead, bottom line savings would be enormous across the board. I would have international sales meetings, combining all sales personal from each company. I would split them up in cross functional workshops to strategize and gain an insight of what works in their marketplace with their customers and how, why, where and when. Cross the board training would have to be a must, each sales personal would have to learn as much as they could about the others business. Sales people would have to engage in workshops that promote trust between each other, “Only when salespeople trust and respect each other can they successfully work together towards a common goal.” (pg 330). Then based on that information the Marketing team would have to come up with ideal...

References: A.T. Kearney’s
Retrieved On November 11, 2012
Spiro, R. L., Rich, G. A., & Stanton, W. J. (2012). Management of a sales force. (12th ed.). McGraw-Hill
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