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Potential Suppliers
We have contacted Nazih store to be our supplier in Qatar. As they are one of the leading outlets in providing beauty supplies to many salons in Qatar it will be an easier option to be in contact with. We have also kept an option of getting supplies online incase the products we require are not available in Qatar. This will help us have all the recent and high technology products to run the spa and satisfy our customers. The products required for the nail treatment would be bought in wholesale to meet the demand of the product and the rest would be according to when they are required. There are many more potential suppliers in Qatar who supply beauty products and who are easily accessible. For example Solez.

Produce or subcontract production
Classify multiple suppliers and vendors
The main supplier which is well established in Qatar is Nazih. And for the product that are not available in Qatar we would be ordering it online from Devise an evaluation method

Supplier evaluation is not an easy process. One effective method assigns suppliers to four basic categories based upon their level of performance in key areas, such as delivery, quality and responsiveness. A supplier is labeled a "full partner" if it meets all expectations. An "associate partner" is a firm that needs a little work to bring it up to full partner status. Additional categories include "high risk" and "incapable" suppliers. A high risk source might continue to be utilized for current production only, based upon an internal risk assessment. An incapable supplier should be dropped as soon as possible. The first step is to agree upon a set of criteria for each of these categories. The following characteristics should be considered: * Goals are compatible with your organization's future plans. * Demonstrates 100 percent on-time delivery performance and is capable of participating in your organization's automatic ordering systems. * Provides...
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