Sakae Sushi Malaysia Background Information

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Go Global Challenge - Sakae Sushi in Malaysia
Background information of the selected foreign market –
Information provided to students for the purpose of academic works in relation to the Go Global Challenge.
Since inception in 1996, Sakae Holdings Ltd. has developed and grew an outstanding portfolio of brands. Sakae Sushi – the flagship brand of the Group, is the first name that will come to mind when Japanese food is mentioned. The brand and the organisation have come a long way since its first outlet opened in 1997 in Singapore right at the heart of the Asian financial crisis.

Our concept of quick service and trendy kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi, along with continuous improvement in customer centric initiatives, food quality, business processes and excellent service have allowed us to grow over 100 outlets across Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, U.S.A. and Japan. In Malaysia, our initial investment estimated around $10million. Operations commenced in 2007 through wholly foreign ownership.

When we entered the Malaysia market, there were already existing sushi players. What we did was to introduce innovative concept and products; and also provide great design and ambience. Our unique selling points included simple 3-tier pricing that makes it easier for customers to keep their spending within their expectation; Interactive Menu allows customers to browse and read the description before ordering; hot water tap systems provide customers with fresh green tea anytime they want it; Vitamin E enriched rice offers health benefits to our customers; our dual-directional belt increases the seating capacity of our outlet by allowing customers to sit on both sides – in this way, more customers can dinein with less waiting time; and over 200 variety of fresh ingredients bring healthy dining to our customers.

We consider any business that takes the dollar away from us as our competitors....
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