Safari Tented Camps in Masai Mara

Topics: Kenya, Masai Mara, Maasai Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Masai Mara Safaris.

Are you looking to go on safaris and sleep in safari tented camps of masai mara?

Enchoro wildlife camp,in masai mara is one of the best budget and semi -luxury accommodations in safari camps,tented camps and camping in general.

This wonderfull camping site in safari tents does organise its own Masai Mara safaris.

The camp is located on the slopes of the Oloolaimutia Hills on the east side of the Masai Mara Game Reserve. The Masai Mara Tented camp is surrounded by a natural environment, waking up to bird twitter and roaring of lions, hyena’s monkeys drama in the bush around. Masai Mara Safari Camp facilitate on Masai Mara Safari Accommodation, Masai Mara camping Safaris, responsible travel, Masai Mara walking & trekking tours, this will ensure that our visitors gain local knowledge of the masai people and at the same time, the community economies will also grow. “Go directly to enchoro wildlife camp masai mara, Save Money and give more back to the Masai Community who are the owners of this tented camp with the help of YHA-Kenya and African Home Adventure Safaris Kenya and Tanzania ” This philosophy guide’s enchoro wildlife camp with it's product and service development. Enchoro Wildlife Camp offers direct booked flying packages to Masai Mara, masai mara camping tours. The Masai Mara Budget camp offers Masai mara volunteer placements opportunities to suite group travels, families or individual enabling every traveller to choose from several Kenya Volunteer Placements which they can do during their Volunteer Adventure Holiday in Kenya. Masai Mara is now referred to as one of the best Seven Wonders of the World." Enchoro" is a Masai word meaning “Natural Spring Water”.

Enchoro Wildlife Camp is an affiliate member of the YHA-Kenya, which is a part of the worldwide network of Youth Hostels in kenya and the World. Enchoro Wildlife and safari tented camp is one of the leading best budget and semi-luxury accommodation available in Masai...
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