A Relaxing Stay at a Hotel

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Away from Home
Any trip away from home can be fun, but camping deep in the woods is much different than a relaxing stay at a hotel.
Camping has a much different environment than staying in a hotel. Hotels have luxury and relaxation that camping does not offer. Some hotels have the option of massages, and room service. While camping deep in the woods, miles away from any civilization, what is packed is what is used. Showering in the lake is normal for us campers, compared to the spa in a hotel. Besides the luxury, hotels also greatly differ by expectations. Buried deep in the woods, there is no one around to hear, or tell you what to do. Campers can also get away without showering for a few days, with no one around to judge them. Hotels on the other hand would frown upon yelling, running around barefoot, or messy clothing. Camping also has a spectacular scenic view that hotels lack. Waking up to birds’ chirping is much more appealing than the hustle of a busy city. Despite their differences any trip away from home can be memorable.
Whether choosing to spend a few days at a hotel or camping in the woods there are always memories to be made. Hotels are usually located near popular visitation sites, such as: Cedar Point, Michigan Adventures, or Universal Studios. It doesn’t matter which hotel you stay in, what happens outside the hotel is normally where the memories are made; unless it is a resort with a connected waterpark or casino. Surely at hotels you may receive free continental breakfast and housekeepers to clean up your mess. But hotels can also be a bit pricey and boring when it comes to family vacation. Vacationing in the great outdoors is mesmerizing, with plenty of free activities for the family. Campsites are ideally located near rivers, lakes or streams and come at a comfortable price. This makes it easy for families to enjoy the outdoors, swim in the water, kayak or just play tag; this also saves money, keeps the family together and keeps everyone

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