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Claus for a Cause

What if I told you that over this holiday season you could help bring smiles to over 300 children’s faces? What if I told you that these smiles are also generating life-long memories that you could cherish forever? The holiday season is a great time for our NHS members to help spread the season’s magic to our younger generation. This could be a great opportunity, all of us working together for one goal; making children happy.

The purpose is to bring excitement and happiness to our Bridgeport students in kindergarten, first and second grades.

Resources required for this project would be letters to Santa from kindergarten through second grade, writing utensils, paper, envelopes, candy canes, all NHS members have matching holiday shirts, and to spread the holiday spirit by the NHS members to the children.

Plan of Action:
The following steps will be our plan to action for “Claus for a Cause”: Step 1: Have a meeting with the teachers of kindergarten through second grade at Bridgeport Elementary School. We will discuss the “Clause for a Cause” project. We will determine the number of classrooms, so we can evenly distribute to the NHS members the letters. Coordinate with NHS for holiday shirts and candy canes. Step 2: Have the student’s write letters to Santa Clause. Step 3: Have an NHS officer pick up the letters on December 5, 2014, from the Elementary School. Step 4: The week of December 8, 2014, the NHS members will meet to write the Santa letters to the students. Step 5: Week of December 15, 2014, have the NHS members dress in holiday shirts and deliver the letters to the children. NHS members will help read the letters and deliver candy canes to the students.

Length of Time:
The length of time for “Claus of a Cause” project would be 3-4 weeks.
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