Canned Food Drive Essay

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How to Organize a Canned Food Drive
Canned food drives are a great way to help any charitable organization that works with the homeless or families in need. Although they are most popular during the holidays, canned food drives provide assistant that many people and organizations need all year. Planning and organizing a canned food drive is a great community service project and can show children how to help others. Difficulty:Moderate

things you'll need:
Paper or plastic bags
Cardboard boxes
Community map
How to Organize a Canned Food Drive
Identify a charity to benefit from your project. Investigate charitable organizations in your area in order to identify one that will best benefit from your canned food drive. Charities such as homeless shelters, soup kitchens or church outreach projects are excellent examples. Contact the organization and discuss your project to identify any special needs and to obtain permission to use their name. Also inquire if they have any supplies such as bags, signs or boxes that could help with your drive. 2

Create a flier describing your project. A simple, one-page flier that identifies your group, names the charity involved and your project goal can be created by hand or on your home computer. Be sure to include important dates for your project, contact information for your group and a short wish list of items that would best benefit the receiving charity. Make enough copies of this flier to cover the target collection area that you identify in step 3. 3

Map out your target collection area. Using a local map, decide on an area that will best fit the goals of your drive. Focus on highly populated residential areas in a small geographical region. Don’t try to cover an extremely large area. Just a single square-mile area of homes can present a rather large collection zone. Divide the selected area into smaller units, to be assigned to teams of drop off and collection personnel. 4...
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