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1.1. Background of the Study

Kabisera Restaurant – A restaurant in Alido,Malolos. Kabisera means capital. It started as a simple Tapsilogan and Lugawan. After two years of operation as Tapsilogan and Lugawan the owner decided to turn it into a Restaurant that was July 28, 2011. Kabisera added more food to choose from so it can really turn into a restaurant.

The owner love antiques and different old lamps as the ceilings and even different corners have been creatively filled with it. There is one particular table with legs that are rickety but was well situated to the center of the place. You have to wonder how old the pieces were. The restaurant has wooden furniture and antique fixtures: Rembrandts of old Spanish houses with modern potteries and statues. The place is cozy and clean. The different arts pinned on the wall don’t necessarily constitute a certain theme but all the same infusing simplicity and order. With its wooden earthy feeling, bamboos, plants and some vegetables surround the area. One may well be transformed to a secluded forest-like place in a subdivision. In fact, guests can sit Japanese style in a special area.

Because of growing customers they expand their place. They also added waiters and staffs to accommodate all customers. And as a part of their development and improving their service, having a computerized menu and order system is one of their needs. With a solid two year of operation, this restaurant may be the newest capital to watch out for.

1.2 System Overview (Existing Sytem)

Years ago ordering system throughout the world has relied on pens and papers. A manual system gives problems like missing orders and orders sent to wrong customers arise. Furthermore, some business could not be able to handle the massive volume of data orders and information everyday through pen and paper. Getting rid of paper improves efficiency, reduces human error and allows information to flow and be stored to an infrastructure without a time consuming data input process. There is also less chance of handwritten orders being misread.

In accordance to this, the software developers proposed to Kabisera Restaurant a computerized ordering system to get rid of Kabisera’s current manual system which can lessen all the problems a manual system offers and be able meet the efficiency that every business wants.

1.3 Objectives of the study

1.3.1 General Objective

The main objective of the system proposal is to remedy the manual process of tracking orders in Kabisera Restaurant and make it computerized.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives

To provide an accurate tracking of orders in an easily accessible database. To have an innovative way to track, collect and store the Restaurant’s ordering information. To improve monitoring of orders in the restaurant

To protect the information within the ordering system by providing a log in security system.

1.4 Scope and Delimitation


1. Provide accurate and reliable process on every transaction for tracking and monitoring of orders. 2. Gives the ability to search and review the records and information stored in the system. 3. It includes the feature that can ADD, EDIT, UPDATE and DELETE ordering details. 4. It also includes the table number of the customer who ordered.


1. A proposed system which can only be access by an authorized person. 2. It doesn’t support network topology implementation and any online transactions. 3. It is exclusive for Kabisera Restaurant.

1.5 Significance of the Study


2.1 Data Flow Diagram

2.1.1 Context Diagram

2.1.2 Exploded Diagram

2.2 System Flow Chart
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