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Topics: Tyco International, ADT Security Services, Health care Pages: 7 (864 words) Published: November 24, 2014

Assignment #1 Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness (ADT Security Services)
Walter Ivan Zapata
Instructor: Shereen Turner
Buss499 (Business Administration Capstone)
Strayer University

1). Asses how globalization and technology changes have impacted the corporation you researched. Globalization and Technology have been help to (ADT) a secure company, Technology is a very significant change of the importance of security. Benefit from globalization by being able to access cheaper labor and materials in the modern era this lead to (ADT) to be a reliable company related to technology to secure our home and business.(ADT) use computers, servers, websites and personal digital products to develop competitive advantages in the economic market place. To serve Small business and largest business owners should consider implementing technology in their business. This allows owners to create secure operations using the best technology available from (ADT)

2). Apply the industrial organization model and the resource-based model to determine how your corporation could earn above –average returns. Models of
Above Average Returns
I/O Model
The I/O (Industrial Organization) ADT’s Model adopts an external perspective to explain that forces outside of the organization represent the dominate influences on a Business strategic actions and is based on the following Three 1. The external Environment The general, industry, and competitive environments impose pressures and constraints on the product and determines strategies that will result in superior returns. (External Environment à Organization) 2. Most Business competing in an industry or an industry segment control similar sets of strategically-relevant resources and thus pursue similar strategies. 3. Resources used to implement strategies are highly mobile across Business The ADT Study in the external environment; locate an industry with high potential for above average returns; identify the strategy appropriate for the industry which brings the returns sought; develop or quire assets and skills needed to implement the strategy; use the product developed strengths to implement the strategy.

The Resource-Based Model
This model adopts an internal perspective to explain how the product unique internal resources and capabilities serve as a basis for earning above average returns. The model is based on: 1. Over time, acquire from different resources and develop different or unique capabilities. The product therefore is likely to adopt and implement different strategies in their attempts to achieve strategic competitiveness. 2. Resources may not be highly mobile across the product

3. To sum: according to this model and capabilities, found in its internal environment, are more critical to determining the appropriateness of strategic actions, then the conditions of the external environment. One important aspect of this model has to do with internal resources and capabilities. These lead to a competitive advantage when they are: valuable, rare, costly to imitate, and non-substitutable. When they meet this standard they become known as core competencies or what the company is known for being good at. Stakeholders - Are the individuals and groups who can affect and are affected by the strategic outcomes achieved and who have enforceable claims on a firm’s or product performance. (ADT) General Environment: Consists of elements in the broader society that can indirectly influence an industry and the product within the industry. The general environment has an indirect effect on strategic competitiveness and product profitability. Consists of six segments: Industry Environment: Consists of the factors that directly influence a firm and its competitive decisions and actions. The IE directly...

References: William T. Denman, M.D., FRCA - Dr. Denman is the medical director of Tyco Healthcare, a leading
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