Run Lola Run and Related Texts.

Topics: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Run Lola Run, Roulette Pages: 4 (1325 words) Published: June 19, 2013
This essay will evaluate the question distinctively visual images convey distinctive experiences, Evaluating the idea that visual images give us distinct experiences and how certain experiences can change our destiny. I will discuss this question using my chosen theme that is destiny, In Tom Tyker’s Run Lola Run and my related text Charlie Kaulfmans and Michael Gondrys Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Tom Tyker uses the theme of destiny to show how interaction between individuals can create a distinctive experience. When Lola embarks on her three runs, she bumps into and interacts with certain individuals on her way, A mother ,a boy on a bike and a woman from her father’s office, Lola’s interaction with these people changes their fate for better or for worse further more impacts their destiny. For example when Lola runs in to the mother on her first run ,the flash-forward shows the mother having her child taken away, on the second run the flash-forward shows the mother winning the lottery and on the third run the flash-forward shows the mother having a religious conversion all of these are based on Lola’s interaction with the individual. The flash-forwards are dulled in hue and create a visual contrast to the rest of the film. The scenes happen almost automatically after the encounter and a jump cut is used, Within the scene images are pieced together in a montage are used to depict the individuals new future, with the sound of a flash from a camera going off to signify that this is a snapshot of pivotal points that influence the whole new life, these sequences depict the future yet to come. Almost like ultimate universe and the paths and actions that influence us to get there, Lola’s impact on others destiny also shows how powerful she is as an individual and her influence on others.

On Lola’s third run she stumbles in to a casino, and try’s her luck at winning a game of roulette to procure the...
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