Rules of the Road

Topics: Blood, Heart, Lung Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Rules of the Road
Naomi Pelton
HS130: Anatomy and Physiology II
Unit #4 Assignment
Kaplan University
May 11, 2013

As we journey from the right femoral artery to the lower lobe of the right lung, we see many amazing sights. Starting at the femoral vein which is located in the upper right thigh and pelvic region of the body and runs close to the femoral artery. The femoral vein returns blood in the leg to the heart via the iliac vein. As we go north pass through the external and common iliac veins on our way to the small intestines where we can see most of the colon. The common iliac vein is one piece of a large system that allows blood circulation from the lower abdomen and legs. This vein is where the external iliac veins and internal iliac veins unite (WiseGeek). It has 2 main veins, which are joined together to form the inferior mesenteric or the lower half of the large intestines. The function of this vein is to bring the de-oxygenated blood from the legs as well as the other lower regions of the body to the right atrium. Up through the inferior mesenteric, we can see the spleen, which holds extra blood, the stomach, which is where digestion starts, and the liver, which is so large it fills the entire upper right section of the abdominal cavity and part way into the left side. Traveling farther north we pass through the inferior vena cava with the kidneys to our right and left. The kidneys provide a wide range of functions to our body by removing wastes and water from the blood, balances chemicals, releases hormones, controls blood pressure, produces red blood cells, and vitamin D. We are now passing the liver which is an organ in the upper abdomen that aids in digestion and removes waste products and worn-out cells from the blood. The liver is the largest solid organ in the body. The liver weighs about three and a half pounds. The right atrium is part of the heart, which is in the upper chamber of the chest, which receives the de-oxygenated...

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