Fantastic Voyage - Battle of the Lung

Topics: Blood, Heart, Lung Pages: 3 (1206 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Fantastic Voyage – Battle of the Lung
Gabrielle Jackson
Unit 4 Assignment
Kaplan University
February 19, 2013

Today we will be taking a journey through the human body. We will be injected into the femoral vein of a healthy, 28 year old female named Corrin. We have received previous alert that there is a bacterium invading Corrin’s lower lobe of her left lung. As we go on this special voyage, we will get to document this invasion in regards to how infections attack the human body. To accomplish all of this, we must first miniaturize ourselves, along with the sub that we will be taking this journey on, down to just eight microns long! At the end of this voyage, we will exit out of the nose. Get ready for an interesting ride!

We have immediately been injected into Corrin’s femoral vein. The femoral vein is located in the upper right thigh and pelvic region of the body and runs close to the femoral artery. It is one of the largest veins in the venal system. The femoral vein returns blood in the leg to the heart via the iliac vein (WiseGEEK, 2013). As we travel north on this special voyage we will pass through the external and common iliac veins as we make our way to the small intestines. If close attention is paid, the colon is able to be seen. The common iliac veins are the vessels that bring the blood to the heart. There are two main veins, which are joined together to form the inferior mesenteric, or the lower half of the large intestines, which is responsible for blood supply to the third segment on the left side of the transverse colon (InnerBody, 2013). The function of this vein is to bring the deoxygenated blood from the lower extremities as well as the other lower regions of the body to the right atrium. We are now traveling up the inferior mesenteric and through the celiac. We are passing by and able to see various organs throughout the body such as the spleen; which holds extra blood, the stomach; which is where digestion starts, and the...

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