Assignment: Voyage to the Lungs

Topics: Blood, Heart, Lung Pages: 4 (1439 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Voyage to the Lungs
Trevor Frederick
HS 130
Unit #4 – Assignment
Kaplan University
February 26, 2013

Welcome aboard! So glad you are all able to witness this extraordinary endeavor into the amazing human body. What you are about to witness is a feat seldom seen by the average individual. Frantic reports coming in are alarming; a foreign bacterium has invaded the right lung of our subject and is currently causing some severe damage. Shrunken to a mere eight microns in length, our state-of-the-art “mini-submarine” is prepped and ready for injection into the body of this female subject. Our journey will begin in the femoral vein and continue its course through the vein system all of the way to the heart and into the right lung. Buckle up and hold on tight! Keep your arms and legs in the vessel at all times, the body works wonders at attacking foreign substances so we can’t be too safe throughout our adventure. Here we go! Ah, marvelous! The injection was a success; already the ship has been taken into the blood stream and the view from here is amazing. We are completely engulfed by a deluge of red blood cells and plasma in a surge of flow towards the heart. Luckily, the femoral vein that we are currently traveling through is the largest in the groin area and, being a vein, has the capacity to expand with pressure. This allows for us to fit in safely. A number of smaller veins in the lower extremities gather blood and empty it into the femoral vein. Occlusions in this portal usually result in a greater risk for health complications such as strokes or heart attacks, as clots would block blood from being able to drain from the leg (, 2013). Luckily, this woman is free of any occlusions and we can continue our passage free of any complications.

Directly in front of you is the next leg of our course. Right about now, we are entering into the external iliac vein. This continuation of the femoral vein also collects blood from the inferior epigastric...
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