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Gladys Hermosillo
Roxanne Franco
The movie Rudy
EDU 1300
May 2, 2014
Rudy Ruettiger
The movie was a about a true story on which Rudy is a boy with a daily struggle life while hi is trying hard to be someone important and overcome his fears even when he does not like school or does not afford high grades. He grew up in a steel mill town where he ended working there after graduating high school. Rudy had a dream of playing football in a university called Notre Dame which could be one of the most famous colleges either for level of education or for its level of athletic people playing football. Rudy started following his dream after four years since graduating high school, when his best friend Pete suddenly died on an accident, and the one who always encouraged him by not giving up on his dreams.
Rudy formed his own strategies since the time he decided leave home: he would do anything to be on that important team. He went carefully step by step hard working to finally get on that famous team. The boy earned enough money to start what he always wanted to be. At the first time he asked for information by how getting in on Notre Dame University, he were asked for good grades and then he failed. A priest helped him getting him into another university, and with really good grades he could be transferred to the wished university. Even when he was never a good student, he was decided to improve his grades. He also had to make an effort working from the bottom, sleeping in the maintenance room of the football stadium and forced himself as do as many things he could did to keep him near the team.
The attitude’s people who did not believe on him, encouraged Rudy to set his goal achievement because he wanted to prove them that he was able to play football whereas his height was not the most favorable at all. While he was accomplishing his goals all people around him were unexpected that he could do what he was doing.
About this particular true story I saw, I

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