Topics: Higher education, Academic degree, Education Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: June 19, 2013
In today’s society many adults have dreams and aspirations to return to school and pursue higher education. For many adults the thought of continuing his or her education does not progress and develop into reality, they remain dreams. Some of the reasons people over the age of twenty five only dream of returning to school are fear, financial restraints, and overwhelming family obligations. The decision I made to further my education was an on going process for about four years. I would always use the fact that I had just started a new job or I needed to wait until my kids were older before I would enroll in school. I also feared being the oldest person in the class and didn’t want to not be able to relate on a personal level with my classmates. I continued to make excuse after excuse as to why the current time was not the best time for me to enroll in college and make my dream a reality. When in actuality, no time would have been the right time. The learning theory that I related to best was the observational learning theory. As some of my friends and family members started to pursue their higher education goals, it gave me the boost I needed to do the same. I felt like, if they can do it I can too. With the motivation and support from all the people around me, the decision I had been trying to make for the past four years and thought was difficult, became easy and all of a sudden made since. Once I was sure I was going to commit to the goal of continuing my education, the next big obstacle I faced was, “where do I get the money to pay for all of this”. I have heard plenty of horror stories about the amount of debt people have from student loans and when it was all said and done they didn’t even find a job in their field of studies to begin repaying the debt. This has lead many people to become what I call “professional students”. After obtaining one degree they find that the pay isn’t all that great and they make the decision to take the next step and get a...
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