Rope: Marriage and Young Married Couple

Topics: Marriage, Short story, Katherine Anne Porter Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Somebody said man and woman are two different kinds of animal. In many situations, men and women have distinct opinions and attitudes of the same thing. The short story “Rope” by Katherine Anne Porter narrates an argument between a young married couple. The wife and husband argued over his purchase of some unneeded rope. The wife had a quarrel with the husband because both of them were not able to understand each other. Instead of wrangling, they should show their understanding, compromise and communicate with each other.

The wife needs to show consideration for her husband. Consideration is the act of being tolerance, and standing on the others' point of view. In all relationship, it is important to understand and respect the other’s view point. The wife felt unhappy and disappointed with the relationship and the life, because she lacks of consideration for her husband. When her husband forgot to bring the coffee, she thought: “Gosh, no, he hadn't. Lord, now he'd have to go back. Yes, he would if it killed him” (524). Instead of understanding, she deemed the main reason why he forgot the coffee was that he didn’t drink coffee himself. Then, she threatened that he must regain the coffee immediately. She got angry with his husband and kept complaining. But, why didn’t she take care of her husband’s feeling and think about dealing with the circumstance? If she did so, she would avoid unnecessary quarrels and troubles.

The husband needs to take steps to solve the problems. When we meet a problem, we ought to think about solving the problem and face it bravely. Also, communication helps us to fix the problem in a more efficient way. When the husband had a problem about the coffee and the rope, he didn’t discuss the situation or try to settle the problem with her wife. “Sometimes it seemed to her he had second sight about the precisely prefect moment to leave her ditched” (528). He just tried to avoid the confrontation and got away. His inability to understand...
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