Application Of Clinical Psychology Paper

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Application of Clinical Psychology Paper
Amanda Hayden, Amanda Duran, Eduardo Navarro, Jerry Philips, & Jonathan Chapman PSY480
March 2, 2015
Elizabeth Natali
Application of Clinical Psychology Paper
Problems with a marriage is something that many couple face every day. There are many stressors constantly tugging at the delicate balance needed to have a happy marriage. When those factors combine with the internal factors of the marriage things can sometimes fall apart. This paper explores the situation Hans and Marta have found themselves in within their marriage and how therapist can help them get through it. They have taken the first step in the long process of saving their marriage by coming to therapy. Brief Overview

This case highlights a marriage on the verge of collapse combined with violence and abuse. The two primary individuals in this case are Hans and his wife Marta, they also have five children between the two of them who play a vital role in this case (Plante, 2011, Chapter 1). This is a blended family like many families are in today’s society. Hans is reported to be a violent abusive man who not only abuses his wife but also his children, while Marta is considered to be distant towards her husband all while they deal with their ex-spouses and the (Plante, 2011, Chapter 1). The fact that there is children and violence involved leaves the therapist with no choice but to report the violence. The therapist has a legal responsibility to report the violence against the children to Child Protective Services (CPS) even if that results in Hans and Marta discontinuing therapy (Plante, 2011, Chapter 1). The couple forced the therapist to make the call the moment they mentioned the violence against the children. As it stands Hans is refusing to take responsibility for his violent behavior and Marta is not currently capable of standing up for herself or able to formulate a plan for when violence does occur (Plante, 2011, Chapter 1). Their story is one that we seem to see in the news all of the time, violent man who insist the woman makes them get violent and the scared woman who doesn’t know how to leave or fight back. Hans and Marta’s story is one that will play it’s self out many times with many different couples. Biological, Psychological, and Social Factors Involved with Case As previously stated, Hans and Marta have a blended family and ex- spouses to also deal with. Hans does not feel like Marta is affectionate enough towards him so this makes him angry and he becomes abusive. There are also biological, psychological and social factors why their marriage is having issues. The biological factors are that when Hans was a child his father was also abusive to him. This means that Hans has already previously been exposed to abuse and it could be a disease that runs in his family blood line. Also Marta just recently gave birth so her body is still adjusting to her normal self and she is not as attentive to Hans as usual. The psychological factors is that since Marta is an abused woman, she is very fearful of what Hans may do to her or the children. Although she is afraid of what he may do, she does not think that she can survive without him because she has no job or money. Hans is her sole support. Also Hans does not like to take responsibility for his behavior and he likes to blame it on how mad Marta makes him by not paying enough attention to him. Finally, the Social factors that are involved in this case are that the society that we live in today is somewhat acceptable of abuse. This means that people who abuse people sometimes get away with it for numerous reasons. Some reasons a person may not report abuse are; “they are embarrassed, they believe it is normal, fear, and they believe it was done out of love” (, 2014). Communication Skill-Building Techniques

Communication patterns and processes are often major factors in preventing healthy family functioning. Faulty communication...

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