Romeo & Juliet

Topics: Marriage, Romeo and Juliet, Family Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: April 20, 2010
The Nurse and Friar Lawrence are admirable characters because they are respectively stronger parental figures to Romeo and Juliet than their actual parents. This seems to be evident because Romeo and Juliet’s parents are nasty to them, so actually pretty much anybody would be considered stronger parental figures. This is also true because both Romeo and Juliet are comfortable talking to The Nurse and Friar Lawrence about anything and they care for Romeo and Juliet as well. And finally, this is accurate because Romeo and Juliet are able to share their secrets with The Nurse and Friar Lawrence; in particular their secret marriage. Thus, the Nurse and Friar Lawrence are stronger parental figures to Romeo and Juliet than their actual parents. Romeo and Juliet do not share a close relationship with their parents, nor do their parents know them very well. At the beginning of the play, when Romeo is moping over Rosaline, his father is worried about him but he actually does nothing about it. Juliet's parents are nasty to her, especially her father, who is particularly horrible when she says she wants to marry for love. He tells her that he has lined up a suitable husband, meaning a wealthy one, and that is that. If she doesn't marry Paris she will be thrown out of the house, to fend for herself. What a father does not know is that his only daughter, who he is supposed to be so concerned about, is already married to the son of his enemy, Montague. He really doesn't communicate with his Juliet at all. Obviously she has not spoken to him about it. She cannot even share her secret about the most important moment in her life with her mother. Meanwhile, The Nurse and Friar Lawrence continue to remain strong parental figures to Romeo and Juliet.

The only person who truly knows Juliet is The Nurse, who helps to arrange everything, the way a mother should. Juliet's nurse has been with her since birth and brought her up like her own daughter. The Nurse is more of a...
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