Romeo and Juliet: Love theme

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Alazia Scott
3rd period

4. Choose a theme from the list of themes. Make a claim about it and write your essay on how the play reveals the truth about the theme.
William Shakespeare wrote a play called Romeo and Juliet, a story based on two lovers that ended up killing their selves because of society.
There’s this thing people like to call “fickle or puppy” love. That’s when two people think that they love each other but it’s nothing real. Shakespeare showed this kind of love in two instances in the play. One with Paris’ love for Juliet and the other is Romeo’s love for Rosaline. Although Paris went to Juliet’s father, Lord Capulet, to ask for her hand in marriage, Juliet didn’t really care for him. Initially, when Paris asked to marry Juliet, Capulet gave him permission too as long as Juliet agreed as well. But when Paris went to him again, he then changed it and said that Juliet was going to marry him. Now, Rosaline is the woman Romeo was “in love” with. Rosaline had sworn off boys and sex, which had left Romeo no chances with her. Up until the night of the ball, Romeo was moping over. During the conversation he had with Benvolio, Benvolio was trying to talk Romeo into “exploring his options”. “By giving liberty into thine eyes; examine other beauties.” (Act 1, Scene i). When Romeo had seen Rosaline’s name on the list of invitees to Capulet’s feast, he was so gunho to attend the feast just to see her. But once he laid eyes on the beautiful Juliet, his feelings for Rosaline really didn’t matter anymore.

In the story of Romeo and Juliet, parental love was shown as well just not between Romeo and Juliet and their parents. Juliet and the Nurse were extremely close, for instance. Juliet tells her Nurse all of her secrets, and the Nurse is the message carrier between her and Romeo. She looks out for Juliet’s best interest even if it’s not what Juliet likes or wants to hear. “I think you are happy in this second match; For it excels your first;...
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