Romeo and juliet literary analysis essay

Topics: Love, Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio / Pages: 1 (340 words) / Published: Jan 22nd, 2015
January 17 , 2015 Romeo & Juliet Analysis Essay

Romeo feels love is dark and heartless because he himself has experience a heartbreak when he loved a girls , who did not loved him back. When Romeo and Benvolio are talking , Romeo confesses he is in love and heartbroken. Then Romeo Says to him “ I have too much sadness already…what else is love? It’s a wise from of madness. It’s a sweet lozenge that you choke on.”(Shakespeare25). This shows how Romeo feels about love and shows how sad he is. He blames it all on love calling it or saying its madness and that is tries to kill you. Romeo feels like if he’s brought back to life and is madly in love with Juliet. When Romeo is at the Capulet’s ball ,Romeo is sad and heartbroken , that is until he sees Juliet. For the first time he saw Juliet he sad “ Oh , she shows the torches how to burn bright! She stands out against the darkness …her beauty is too good for this world…” (Shakespeare61). This shows how he feels better and more in love with Juliet than anybody else. He compares her to bright torches that bright up his world. Romeos love for Juliet seems unreal because it just looks as if he only cared about looks. He used to be in love with Rosaline and shed tears for her and claimed to passionately cherished her. However , as soon as he saw Juliet he forgot about her completely. When seeing Juliet he said “Did my heart ever love anyone before this moment? My eyes were liars, then, because I never saw true beauty before tonight.”(shakespeare63). This shows how he totally forgot about Rosaline and “loves” Juliet now ; he just seems go for the looks of a person. Therefore , Romeos love for Juliet creates an impression that it is fictitious because he may say that he is in love with her, but as soon as he sees another more beautiful girl than Juliet, he would instantly forget about her.

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