Romeo and Juliet

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A Love Story According to Shakespeare and Baz Lurhmann
Romeo and Juliet is one of William Shakespeare’s most famous works. It has been interpreted in movies and films but it has not lost its value, and remade countless times. Baz Luhrman’s and William Shakespeare’s versions of Romeo and Juliet are similar in theme and the language, but have some differences in setting, time period, and character personalities.

While there are a lot of similarities between the two versions, there are also many differences. One of the differences is the mood. The mood of the play is dark, romantic, sad, and dramatic. While the play has a few puns, the main focus of the play is to present a sad, depressing and dramatic story. The movie is much lighter and happier until the ending. The movie displays quite a few puns and the characters are always laughing or joking around. The play tries to focus on the dramatic and sad points while the movie tries to focus more on the happier aspects. 1. Papers should be typed if at all possible.

2. Type a heading in the upper left corner of the first page, including your name, your teacher’s name, the name of the course, and the date.
Samuel Student
Mrs. Smith
Senior English
3 September 2010
(Space twice before typing your title.)
3. Center and type the title of the paper. Use standard capitalization rules. Space once between the title and the body of the paper. Do not underline the title. 4. Double-space the body of the paper. (If you must write your paper by hand, skip lines. Do not leave an extra space between paragraphs.)

5. For multi-paged papers, number all pages in the upper right-hand corner. (Using the header function of your word processor, indicate your last name and page number beginning on page 1.)
6. Write or print on only one side of the paper.
7. Use blue or black ink on lined, loose-leaf notebook paper if you are writing your paper.
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